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Diamond Argentine Flavor

Wedding + Argentine Barbecue + Premium Mate Set

Administrative steps
Presentation before the judge
Reservation of a room at the civil registry
2 Argentine witnesses with residence in Buenos Aires
Notary for signature certification
Notary for temporary stay
Marriage certificate
Marriage book
National certificate for apostille of marriage anywhere

Barbecue: The experience will take place in a FAMILY PATIO OUTDOORS, where each participant will have their OWN SPACE to actively participate and dine peacefully, while taking all precautions to maintain SECURITY. We will learn to prepare and enjoy:
Chorizo and blood sausage
Asado strip
Sirloin steak
Premium wines
Cake with Dulce de Leche
Colombian Coffee or Tea
The preparation of each of these dishes has a secret and a trick to achieve perfection and avoid disappointments. We will reveal them all.
How long to barbecue the meat? At what temperature? How to season it? These questions and many more will find answers in a beautiful garden by the warmth of the fire.
Throughout the night, we will also teach you the cultural meaning of Argentine barbecue, its history, and its origins that are linked to the genesis of our national identity.
Our goal is for you to have a magnificent evening and be able to barbecue in any part of the world with friends and family, in any place you can call "home."

**Vegetarian option available, please request when making a reservation.
****Surprise souvenirs

PREMIUM MATE SET: 1 Premium Torpedo Mate (Black or Brown), 1 Alpaca Picoloro Straw, 1 Stainless Steel 1-liter Thermos with Half Handle, 1 100% Leather Yerba Mate Container, 1 Premium Mate Holder (Black or Brown) - Approximate dimensions: Height: 19 cm, Width: 21 cm, Length: 19 cm
Preço: U$D 2439
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