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Wedding + City Tour + BBQ + Argentine Autochthonous Products

Administrative steps
Presentations before the judge
Reservation of a room at the civil registry
2 Argentine witnesses with residence in Buenos Aires
Notary for signature certification
Notary for temporary stay
Marriage certificate
Marriage book
National certificate for apostille of marriage anywhere

$1999 USD

City tour to chosen places:
Plaza de Mayo
Casa Rosada
Flea Market
Café Tortoni
Mafalda Statue
3 de Febrero Park
Galileo Galilei Planetarium
La Bombonera
Galerías Pacífico
Take the subway
Sweeten with alfajores
Luxury in Recoleta
Recoleta Cemetery
El Ateneo Bookstore
Argentine BBQ
Tango class
Puerto Madero
Teatro Colón
Plaza Serrano
University City

Price per hour $49 x Hour (Minimum 3 hours)

BBQ: The experience will take place in a FAMILY PATIO OUTDOORS, where each participant will have their OWN SPACE to intervene and dine peacefully, while we take all precautions to maintain SAFETY.
We will learn to prepare and enjoy:
Chorizo and blood sausage
Ribeye steak
Sirloin steak
Premium wines
Cake with Dulce de Leche
Colombian coffee or tea
The preparation of each of these dishes has a secret and a trick to achieve perfection and avoid disappointments. We will unveil them all.
How long to grill the meat? At what temperature? How to season it? These questions and many more will find answers in a beautiful garden in the warmth of the fire.
In addition, throughout the night, we will teach you the cultural meaning of Argentine BBQ, its history, and its origins that are linked to the genesis of our national identity.
Our goal is for you to have a magnificent evening and be able to have an Argentine BBQ anywhere in the world with friends and family, in any place you can call "home."
Vegetarian option available, please request when booking. Surprise souvenirs
Box with Argentine Autochthonous Products is an excellent alternative for birthday, business, executive, or any other special occasion gifts. It gathers wonderful products from the Argentine Patagonia that will delight your palate. It contains:
Selected Gourmet Gift Pack
Deer Escabeche from Northern Regions
Lamb Escabeche from Northern Regions
Black Beer Mustard from Patagonian Farms
BIVALVIA Shrimp Pate (Chubut)
DUNORTE Cashews (Brazil)
Trout with Garlic from Patagonian Farms
Smoked Deer Pate from Patagonian Farms
Smoked Olives in Valleverde Oil (Bariloche)
Smoked Eggplants Valleverde (Bariloche)
Trout in Oil with Toasted Chestnuts from Patagonian Farms
CONTRAVIENTO Tomato Paste (LAUR - Mendoza)
CONTRAVIENTO Green Olive Paste (LAUR - Mendoza)
Mixed Smoked Peppers from Patagonian Farms
BIVALVIA Squids in Oil (Chubut)
Pate of Peppers and Plums from Valleverde (Bariloche)
Smoked Olive Pate from Valleverde (Bariloche)
Black Olive Pate from Valleverde (Bariloche)
Smoked Mushroom Pate from Valleverde (Bariloche)

$2589 USD + Tour of your choice Price per hour $49 x Hour (Minimum 3 hours)

I would like to inform you that you must stay for 10 days due to the timelines of our service to avoid any issues.

First, 25% is paid via bank transfer, and the remaining 75% in cash in dollars in Argentina on the first day of the process, without exceptions (WE ONLY ACCEPT $100 BILLS).

Next, complete all your details to proceed with the reservation, and we will contact you afterward.


Gracias por su mensaje!


Teléfono: +54 911 5821-2963


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