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Wedding + Premium Wine Packs (2 Wines + Premium Gift Box)

Administrative steps
Presentations before the judge
Reservation of a room at the civil registry
2 Argentine witnesses with residence in Buenos Aires
Notary for signature certification
Notary for temporary stay
Marriage certificate
Marriage book
National certificate for apostille of marriage anywhere

WINE: 2 excellent wines with an amazing gift box as a souvenir.
Prize: U$D 2149

I would like to inform you that you must stay for 10 days due to the timelines of our service to avoid any issues.

First, 25% is paid via bank transfer, and the remaining 75% in cash in dollars in Argentina on the first day of the process, without exceptions (WE ONLY ACCEPT $100 BILLS).

Next, complete all your details to proceed with the reservation, and we will contact you afterward.


Thank you for your message!

Other ways of contact:

Phone / WhatsApp: +54 911 5821-2963


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