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Is important you know that is not obligatory contract any agency to come to Argentina to get married. Nevertheless, you must know that many steps must be started 10 days before the wedding day. And there are obligatory conditions that, if you contract on your own, it will be most expensive than our package, besides the time you invest on it. Our package is thanked and designed for your only need: ENJOY during your stay and wedding.

Administrative steps
Presentations in front of the judge
Room booking in the civil registry
2 Argentinian witnesses with address in Buenos Aires
Notary for signatures’ certifications
Notary for temporary residential stay
Marriage certificate
Marriage book
National certificate for apostille marriage in everywhere
Price: U$D 1.999

Quisiera informarte que deben permanecer 10 días debido a los tiempos de nuestro servicio para evitar problemas.

Primero se abona el 25% por transferencia bancaria y el 75% restante en efectivo en dólares en Argentina el primer día del proceso, sin excepciones (SÓLO ACEPTAMOS BILLETES DE 100 DÓLARES).

A continuación, completa todos tus datos para continuar con la reserva y luego te contactaremos.


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Other ways of contact:

Phone / WhatsApp: +54 911 5821-2963


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